Départ de Sentier (abbreviated DdS) is a non-profit association which supports open sustainability assessment and public engagement. DdS organizes conferences and code, supports teaching, and rewards open software development.

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2024 Swiss Autumn School on Inventory modelling at scale


DdS believes strongly in compete transparency. We use Github to organize, report, and audit our activities. You can find more about DdS in the following repos: Finances, Legal statues.


DdS organizes and helps fund the Brightcon annual conference, which will be held in 2024 from September 23-27 in Hamburg, Germany. Registration isn't open yet, but the conference website is already online.

Teaching Brightway

DdS supports Brightway classes with material and servers. Please contact us if you would like to collaborate or use our resources.

Software prizes

DdS sponsors prizes for software development. Prizes can be sponsored by individuals and companies; you can also suggest new prizes without funding by filing a new issue.

Supporting DdS

Please contact Chris Mutel (cmutel@gmail.com) if you want to support DdS activities

Awesome Initiatives

There is so much happening in open science for sustainability - here are some curated lists of software and data:

Brightway Steering Committee

The Brightway steering committee is responsible for governing the development of the Brightway framework. Similar to many other open source software projects, substantial changes to Brightway go through a formal proposal process. Anyone can participate in this process, but the final decision is up to the steering committee. DdS organizes the steering committee meetings and governance. The 2022-2024 steering committee is: